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Updated On: Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Welcome to Our Site!

    We are getting ready to make 2007 a memorable one and once again  keep "obeying the rules" especially keeping the place clean the morning after.

     Some honorable mentions for last year are:

     Dave & Darla came all the way from Nevada to help out with the setup.    Todd & Irene for the incredible B-B-Q setup & cookin' in all of that wind & for the next year we are designing a better cooking area also more help for the Chef. Hans & Merrole for the cleaning, power, transport, setup & takedown. Sharon my Mastermind designer, engineer, & builder. Thanks for chipping in with transport, setup , takedown & building the wood floors for the potties.

 Jesse & Theresa for the photography, the pictures are beautiful and the big "Quanza Hut"  providing shade  from the sun and relief from the winds. Alex, the "Diva" Mayra and the fine Latin crew  providing great dancing & entertainment (four men in a tent  surviving a windy & cool desert night, MAN! sounds like another great academy award nominee movie!) also great MC work & help with the DJin'(even though you & the "Diva" went to "bed" early. To do what I wonder?

 Carla my helper (even if she had "the morning after flu, right!")  with the "Puertorican gazpacho". Robert & Alexia for making possible the "Luge" It was a big hit (for those of you who can not remember we have pictures!). Mary Margaret for the FIRE & ICE driving all the way to deliver & share  a great conversation over a fine glass of wine. Carrie now a full bloody R.N. for picking up the freshly baked bread needed  for the "Puertorican gazpacho".

Ben & Jesse thank you for withstanding the winds & the contribution of your great spirits. Edsel my High School "pana" thanks for the "Don Q" next time....bring more coņo!! and thanks Madeline for sending your husband with some delicious food ( we pigged out for days I mean we enjoyed for days!!!).Rosalie for  picking up the lumpia and saving me some, good job!

    They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world. Someone to love, as I do love my wife. Something to do, as I enjoy creating special moments through my music. And something to hope for, as I hope to continue sharing my life with friends like you.

                                                                                                                        Many thanks, Lesley & Luis